Pool Construction

A swimming pool transforms an empty backyard into a summer time getaway. At Artisan, we understand that a new pool is a big investment in your property. For this reason, we take special care to use the best building materials available. Our experienced installation experts are meticulous in their attention to every facet of the project, so your new pool will work and look great without disrupting your existing landscaping.

Pool Design

Every great project begins with a comprehensive plan that fully represents our client’s vision. Artisan design professionals take your ideas and let them take shape in the form of a detailed plan. We formulate a design that complements existing landscape and hardscape elements as well as your house itself. Artisan’s design software allows you to have a complete picture of what your new pool will look like before any construction takes place.

Pool Renovation

Has your pool seen better days? Time and the elements inevitably take their toll, especially on water-centered features such as swimming pools. Maybe there are cracks in the plaster or old tile. Even if your pool is OK structurally, you may want to add a spa or waterfall, even expanded sitting area. If you have ideas or questions about potential renovations, let Artisan know, and we will help you improve or even reinvent your pool area.

Landscape Design and Installation

Professionally installed trees, shrubs, and plant beds provide your property with life and beauty to be enjoyed by family and neighbors alike. Whether you are looking to reinvent existing landscape areas or create entirely new ones, the professionals at Artisan are your landscape improvement experts. We will take your ideas and formulate a comprehensive, actionable plan. Our expert installation then uses meticulous detail and the best plants available to transform your property.


Hardscape elements such as raised beds, retaining walls, and stairways dramatically shape outdoor spaces while adding beauty and function. Natural stone, or paver hardscaping adds crucial definition to landscape areas and provides a setting where living landscaping can thrive. A wide variety of building materials allows for a plethora of color and texture combinations to complement your home and the surrounding landscaping. At Artisan, we take every step necessary to ensure your installation stands the test of time. The final result of the Artisan process is a hardscape that is visually stunning, practical, and permanent.

Outdoor Living

Your home need not be limited to the walls of your house. With an outdoor living space from Artisan, you can enjoy the beautiful months without sacrificing the comforts of home. Let us turn underused outdoor areas into vibrant gathering dining areas, gathering spaces, or kitchens. Whether you are entertaining a large group or quietly enjoying the outdoors by yourself, an outdoor living space allows you to more fully utilize your property while adding to its value. The design experts from Artisan will formulate a plan that unlocks your possibilities for comfortable outdoor living.

Water Features

In both appearance and sound, moving water adds a soothing element to any setting. Fortunately, you don’t need to live on a lake or river in order to enjoy the unique ambiance that water provides. Artisan specializes in a variety of water features that bring new life to your back yard. These features come in all shapes and sizes, from monumental waterfalls of boulders, spa, zero edge pools, lazy rivers, even Koi ponds provide a natural, untamed feel, while sculpted fountains give your outdoor areas an artful appeal. When coupled with a professional lighting array, water features make your landscape come to life long after the sun has set.